Death and Loss

Saying Goodbye

Articles on Death and Loss by Denise W. Anderson:

10 Ways to Help Others When Tragedy Strikes. The headlines scream tragedy after tragedy. What can we do when the world of someone we love has been devastated by loss?

Waiting. Why is death so hard? How can we endure to the end when we don’t know when, where, and how that end will be?

Preparing for the Death of Loved One – Dealing with Anticipatory Grief. As we prepare for the death of those who are close to us, we may experience grief before the event even occurs. This can become problematic when it changes the way we feel and act toward them.

Allowing Grief to Do its Work. When we allow grief to do its work, we experience a wide range of emotions, both negative and positive, as our lives adjust themselves to the loss we have experienced.

Moving on After Tragedy. Tragedy is difficult. It takes away all that is familiar in life. In an effort to find our way, we redefine ourselves, our relationships, and our circumstances. We come to terms with the unknown.

When it is Okay to Choose Death? We are taught all of our lives that choosing death is wrong, yet when we are faced with its certainty, we have to make some difficult choices.

Anticipating Grief. When we look ahead to a future loss, our grief can be all consuming.

What to Tell Your Child When Someone You Know Commits Suicide. When someone you know commits suicide, process it immediately with your child. Check her feelings and attitudes, and help her make choices for her own better future.

Adjusting to Life After Loss. Whether our loss is from death, divorce, or dismemberment, there are adjustments that need to be made. The better we understand them, the sooner we can find enjoyment in life again.

Preparing Wills and Power of Attorney Documents Using Internet Based Software. We never know when our time will be. It is best to prepare in advance, for the sake of our loved ones. With current technology, it doesn’t have to be costly.

The Difficulty with Transition. Life has many transitions. We move from being a child to an adult, single to married, and parent to grandparent. All of these have their challenges, but one thing that they all have in common is our ability to see what is on the other end of the transition.

Finding Peace After Tragedy. Tragedy takes away much of the good in life. It leaves us with feelings of vulnerability and fear. It is only through turning to God that we find peace.

Keeping Inheritances Equal Among Adult Children.  “It’s not fair!” we often hear our children say. Keeping things equal among children is one of a parent’s biggest challenges. Unfortunately, the problem does not go away once children grow up and leave home.

Dealing with Feelings of Vulnerability. The difficult experiences of life often leave us feeling robbed, defeated, and susceptible to exploitation. In this state of vulnerability, we are at risk of loosing the very thing we need to survive.

Courage and Faith in the Face of Death Sooner or later, we all will face death. We can easily be consumed with it if we are not careful. Courage and faith keep us continuing to choose, even when death is imminent.

A Christian Reflection on How Grief Changes Children. When children experience grief during their early developmental stages, their emotional health is compromised. Our actions as adults will help them work through their grief and learn to trust again.

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