Articles by Denise W. Anderson on Suicide:

Suicide – The Door to Nowhere. Where do suicidal thoughts come from? What can we do with them? How can we help those who are having them?

Suicide: Emotional Heart Failure. When someone we love ends their own life, the very foundations of our existence come into question. Only as we turn to God are we able to move on.

Why Self-Inflicting Emotional Pain Doesn’t Heal Heartache. Emotional pain can be worse than physical pain. When we feel physical pain, we can do something about it; but it doesn’t work the same when we have emotional pain.

What to Tell Your Child When Someone You Know Commits Suicide. When someone you know commits suicide, process it immediately with your child. Check her feelings and attitudes, and help her make choices for her own better future.

How My Husband Helped When I Felt Worthless. It is easy to feel unloved, unappreciated, and at times, even utterly worthless. I know, because it happened to me. This is what my husband did to help.

Choosing Life. The day I picked up the handful of paring knives from the drainer and saw them in my mind’s eye going into my chest, I was scared. The sun glinting on the cold steel brought me back to my senses, and I called for help.

Making Covenants. The covenant I made with God has stayed with me all of my life. Every time I even think that maybe the world would be better off without me, I remember my promise, and I put the knives away.

Looking Up – The Key to Emotional Survival. Looking up will save us from disaster, not just when we are on the road, but when life is at its darkest.

Dealing With Feelings of Vulnerability. The difficult experiences of life often leave us feeling robbed, defeated, and susceptible to exploitation. In this state of vulnerability, we are at risk of loosing the very thing we need to survive.


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