Emotional Health

Change Emotions


Emotional Health is the glue that holds our lives together. In order for us to have high quality emotional health, we need an understanding of how our emotions work and what we can do to change them.

You Must be Exaggerating – Exaggeration isn’t just for little white lies, it is a distorted thought process that creates emotional tidal waves that sweep away everything in their path. Learn how to rein it in with these tips.

Emotional Health for Kids – Whose Job Is It? Emotional health is in the headlines these days. Our children need this vital skill to be successful in school and life, but who should be providing them with the instruction?

Warning – Stress Overload! Stress can wreak havoc with our personal health and family life. Recognize the signs and figure out the cause in order to reduce the overload.

The Battle Inside Each One of Us – There is a war going on inside each of us. Sometimes, we feel that we just can’t make it and fear takes over. Other times, we have the courage to go forward. What makes the difference?

The Effect of Words on our Emotional Health. Words are not just letters on a page, they are the food our souls ingest that enable us to live effectively day in and day out in a world that is rapidly changing.

How Our Emotional Health Affects Our Financial Management Skills. Spending money is an emotional experience. When our emotions are out of whack, what happens to our ability to handle our finances?

Countdown to Liftoff! A Technique for Getting Through Life’s Transitions. The transitions of life often bring with them emotional baggage that leaves us frustrated and overwhelmed. Using “The Countdown” technique, we make these events happen much more smoothly.

Music, The Inspiration for Emotional Health. Music has the power to soothe and bless, to inspire and motivate. It is one of the most important tools we have in establishing and maintaining our emotional health.