Emotional Survival

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The Emotional Survival Kit is a personal resource for changing thoughts, feelings, and actions, created by Denise W. Anderson.

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The Emotional Survival Kit contains three components. Each can be purchased separately:

1. The Emotional Survival Handbook – information on establishing and maintaining emotional health. The Handbook gives the instructions for using The  Emotional Survival Workbook and Cards to facilitate the change process.

2. The Emotional Survival Workbook – charts and journal pages that can be copied as needed to use with The Emotional Survival Handbook and Cards.

3. The Emotional Survival Cards – Individual cards to use as reminders containing the following:

    • Tools for changing thoughts, feelings, and actions
    • Stop negative emotions before you express them in ways that hurt yourself and others
    • Look for distorted thinking patterns that lead to negative emotions
    • Listen for affirmations that strengthen feelings of self-worth

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