Articles by Denise W. Anderson on Abuse:

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse. Abuse hurts, no matter the type or source. It damages the soul of the individual and leaves one feeling vulnerable, worthless, and hopeless.

How do I Stop the Abuse? Abuse intimidates and demeans, leaving a person feeling worthless and helpless. Is it possible to stop it?

Pinwheels for the Prevention of Abuse. No one is immune from abuse, whether abuse of the self, children, or others. Child abuse is a growing concern, especially in the United States, and Pinwheels for prevention is raising awareness.

Abuse is Never Okay. No matter the source, the traumatic effects of abuse wound our precious souls, leaving scars that may never heal. How can we tell if we are abusing ourselves or others? Is it possible to stop before it gets to the point of causing irreparable damage?

When We Feel Knocked Down. There is a tug-of-war going on inside each of us. We feel we are winning when good triumphs, but what happens when it does not? We feel knocked down, even punished, though we have done nothing wrong.

Stuck in a No-Win Situation. When we are stuck in a difficult situation and there is no way out, we may feel like it is the end of the world. Thankfully, there is something we can do. Try this simple formula.

Dealing with Feelings of Vulnerability. The difficult experiences of life often leave us feeling robbed, defeated, and susceptible to exploitation. In this state of vulnerability, we are at risk of loosing the very thing we need to survive.

Re-establishing a Sense of Identity. Identity is not just about the cards in our wallets, it is the window through which we view and experience the world. When difficult things happen, we often need to re-establish a new world view.

Why Self-Inflicting Emotional Pain Doesn’t Cure Heartache. It is a natural reaction for us to punish ourselves when we are suffering from heartache. Here’s why that’s a bad idea, and what to do instead.

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