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Articles by Denise W. Anderson on Anxiety:

Taming the Wild Horse of Anxiety. Anxiety is like a wild horse, unstable and unpredictable. In order to tame it, we use the same self-calming techniques that are used in the training of horses. Then we can ride like the wind!

How Excitement Can Easily Turn into Worry and Anxiety. Excitement is an anticipatory emotion. Left unchecked, it can evolve into worry, and eventually to anxiety. Setting limits on anticipation keeps this from occurring.

Find the Fear, Then You Can Move Forward. Fear immobilizes us. We can’t move forward or back. We are stuck in suspended animation until we identify the fear, where it is coming from, and figure out what to do with it.

Are You Worried About Your Family? Families are the most important relationships we have in this life. Take the quiz to find out if your worry is leading to issues that are problematic.

Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown in the Workplace. Fear of the unknown is frequently the basis for worry, and the resulting physical symptoms can be troublesome. Although based on real life situations, fear is perpetuated by irrational beliefs.

What is Your Biggest Fear? Fear is a difficult emotion. It freezes a person in their tracks and causes physical symptoms that just won’t go away. Worry is its constant companion. Recognizing what we fear is the first step.

Fear of Failure. What if I do not pass this test that is before me now? What if I fall short or do not make the grade somehow? What if my strength is not near enough and I fall flat on my face?  What if my mistakes are so evident that I end up a sore disgrace?

Not Good Enough. Not good enough, I heard you say, how can you make that call? You’ve seen my weakness, heard my pain, and watched me slip and fall? You sensed my need for reassurance and have given none. Your only object is my fate; your sentence now is done?

Deep Breathing Brings Calm. The teenager had been in my office before, but this time was different. His mother dropped him off at the door, and then was gone. Usually she waited in the car outside. He did not come directly into the room but paced back and forth in the hallway.

Fear is the Foundation of Faith. Fear makes us question our mortality, our limitations, and our simple human ability. We realize that there must be a power beyond our own. If there is, what is it?

10 Ways to Help Anxious Children. Children often do not know why they are anxious; they just know they are experiencing discomfort. Here are ten ways we can provide a calming influence, and help them feel better about what is happening in their world and their place in it.

Fear of Rejection. When we are rejected, we think that we have done something wrong. We analyze our actions critically in an effort to rectify the situation. If we find nothing worthy of the rejection, we automatically make the assumption that we were rejected because we are not good enough to be loved and accepted.

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