Articles by Denise W. Anderson on Depression:

Fighting Dragons. Learn how to identify and deal with Depression, Rage, Anxiety, and Other Negative Self-Esteems

How to Help Your Spouse Recognize and Deal with Depression. Depression is  one of the most common debilitating conditions known to the human race. Having a loved one that is depressed leaves chores undone, love unexpressed, and expectations unfulfilled.

Five Signs Your Spouse is in Depression. Depression is considered to be the most common disability that affects work productivity, family stability and personal happiness

Helping a Loved One With Mental Illness. Having a loved one with mental illness is difficult. Helping them requires an understanding of their illness, what is best for their general welfare, and sometimes, a bit of tough love.

What is Depression Made of? Depression is one of the most difficult things we will ever experience. Thoughts of  helplessness and hopelessness turn us against ourselves and the world. Is there anything we can do?

The Paradox of Perfectionism. God appreciates each step we make in His direction. He does not stop loving us when we make mistakes or do things against His will. We punish ourselves far more than He ever will! We are His children and He longs to gather us in His arms and bring us back to live with Him again!

Affirmations. When we choose affirmations that build our feelings of self-esteem, we re-enforce the innate worth that we already have. This gold mine in our souls is a never-ending source of strength and stability. It keeps us moving in a positive direction, no matter what happens in life.

The Bright Light of Hope. Hope is the ability to see a light at the end of the tunnel, to grasp the path that leads to that light, and then, to bask in its warmth once we arrive there. Indeed, hope is the flame that lights our way back home!

Its Okay to Feel Good. Feeling good is not an event; rather a choice that we make. We find contentment as we pause, feel our Savior’s love, and find peace in the process of becoming more like him.

Are Your Expectations Too High? Our expectations can either make our break us. If they are too low, we live our lives bored and unfulfilled. If they are too high, they can cause us emotional turmoil.

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