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Articles on Marriage by Denise W. Anderson:

Get Divine Help: How to Pray for Your Spouse.  Oftentimes when we pray, we think in terms of our own needs and personal desires. We come to God with a checklist of things.

How to Build Your Spouse’s Self-Esteem. During courtship, couples often do nice things for each other. They give compliments, share secrets, and tell each other how wonderful they are.

How to Prepare Emotionally for Retirement. We all look forward to that day when we are no longer employed in the work force. Unfortunately, life sometimes take us places that we had not originally anticipated. Take time now to prepare.

Romance Doesn’t Need to be Flashy, It Just Needs to Sound Good. Everyone struggles with keeping the romance alive in their relationship. Using music is a simple way to revive it.

Keeping Your Marriage Strong Through Life’s Critical Moments. Life has many critical moments, and most of them affect us as individuals within the family setting. Marriages are strengthened or weakened depending upon how we deal with these moments.

Inexpensive Ideas for Showing Your Husband You Love Him. Let’s face it, it’s tough to find gifts for guys! Socks, shirts, ties, and underwear just don’t cut it when they are given on every birthday and holiday.

Say “I Love You” to Your Spouse Today.  Keeping love alive in the midst of the day to day activities of the family can be difficult, but it is possible. Read on to find ways that you may not have thought of before.

Five Signs Your Spouse is in Depression. Depression is considered to be the most common disability that affects work productivity, family stability and personal happiness.

The Purpose of Conflict in Marriage. Conflict is inevitable in marriage. It either brings us closer together or pulls us apart, depending upon what we do with it.

How My Husband Helped When I Felt Worthless. It is easy to feel unloved, unappreciated, and at times, even utterly worthless. I know, because it happened to me. This is what my husband did to help

How to Survive Cancer Together. Cancer does not necessarily mean a death sentence. With modern medical advances, most people survive and thrive after treatment. Having the support and love of your spouse is vitally important to the healing process.

Re-Kindling the Romance in Your Marriage. Marriage begins with romance. In order for the marriage to continue, romance must be re-kindled on a regular basis. Marriage without romance becomes stale and unfulfilled.

The Importance of Praying for Your Spouse. Prayer is powerful. Without it, life is empty and meaningless. Marriage without prayer is like trying to plant seeds without giving them the necessary water and sunshine to make them grow.

How to Change Your Spouse in Five Easy Steps. Marriage is getting a bad rap these days. Before you head for the divorce courts, implement these five easy steps. You might be surprised at the results!

How Can We Choose Love When Life is Hard? Choosing to love others is easy when things are going well, but how do we do it when they are not? Is there a formula we can follow that will help us?

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