Unconditional LoveArticles on Parenting by Denise W. Anderson:

Emotional Health for Kids – Whose Job is it? Emotional health is in the headlines these days. Our children need this vital skill to be successful in school and life, but who should be providing them with the instruction?

How to Change Your Children’s Behavior.  In order for children to change their behavior, it is necessary for the adults in their lives to take action. Just as weeds grow in every garden, negative behavior is automatic.

Helping Children Deal with Lost Friendship. Our children will experience problems in their friendships. As their parents, we can best help by lending a listening ear, and reflecting back to them the feelings that they express.

Teaching Children Responsibility and Respect. Responsibility and respect go hand in hand. As children learn responsibility, they form better opinions of themselves and others. They are more obedient, and understand what is expected of them.

Instill Positive Behavior in Children. Instilling positive behavior in children requires teaching before, during, and after. Children need to understand what is expected of them.

How Children Develop a Guilt Complex. Fault finding often leads to physical punishment, and frequently is administered to more than the guilty party. Unproductive guilt and its accompanying negative emotions are a byproduct.

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