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Articles on parenting teenagers by Denise W. Anderson:

Give Your Teenager Wings and You Piece of Mind.  Teenagers want their independence and most parents want to give it to them. In order to make it happen, teenagers need to learn how to choose wisely. Their choices affect them all of their lives.

What Can We Do About Teenagers With Attitudes?  Some teenagers have attitudes that cause major problems within the family circle. Read to find out how to recognize and deal with it.

When Your Teenager is Uncooperative.  Teenagers that are having issues usually show outward signs of distress. Recognizing the signs and dealing with the issues as they arise allows relationships of trust to remain solid.

Teaching Pre-Teens Positive Behavior.  Children from the ages of 10-12 are in the “pre-teen” group. Many changes are happening to their physical bodies and they may feel uncomfortable with themselves and others, especially their peers.

Teaching Teenagers Positive Behavior. Terrific teenagers do not happen automatically, they are grown through an understanding of the changes they face. Identity, the purpose of life, peer groups, and gender roles all have a place.

Helping Young Adults Prepare to Leave Home. The young adult years are full of decision making. Life at home is not the same as dependence gives way to independence, yet roots have not been established outside of the immediate family.

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