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Articles on parenting toddlers and young children by Denise W. Anderson:

Keeping Babies Safe While They Learn to Crawl. Once babies start to move around, the safest place for them is the floor. Unfortunately, there are still issues that must be addressed, including cleanliness, temperature, and stairways.

How to Teach Toddlers Obedience. Toddlers are eager to please the adults in their lives. Adults are responsible for teaching them skills. Taking the time now will mean obedience later as relationships of trust are developed.

Teaching Toddlers Positive Behavior. Toddlers can be a challenge for any parent. They want to be independent yet do not know everything they need to do so. It is best to establish a relationship of trust and teach skills.

Teaching Children Love. Kindness is the language of love. Children identify readily with someone who is kind to them. Correction does not have to be harsh. Harshness is equated with a lack of love.

Teaching Children Trust. Trust is the first thing children learn after birth. It is built on the premise that their needs will be met by those who care for them and continues only as the child’s needs continue to be met.

Teaching Young Children Problem Solving Skills. Young children do not come programmed in how to solve the problems of life, they have to be taught. If caregivers do not teach this vital skill, children are a disaster waiting to happen!

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