It Could Have Been Me

God Save Us


It could have been me in that six foot hole. This brush with death has taken its toll. I am naked before all the world to see. I’m lost and alone, being tossed at sea.

The waves are crashing beneath and around. I’m sinking fast, I just might drown! But look, there’s the Master, he is calling to me, extending his hand, but I cannot see.

I am blinded by feelings of low self-worth. I’m regretting the day that my mother gave birth! I’m afraid he won’t love me in my weakened state. I’m sure I deserve this ignominious fate.

I’ve turned those away who needed his help. I’ve spurned the lost, those alone on the shelf. I’m just a sinner, a lowly mistake. I deserve every ounce of my watery fate!

But no, he’s beside me, lifting me up. He’s inviting me now to his table to sup. Could it be I am worth this and more? Will he help me make it past the rocky shore?

He’s embracing me now with a love all his own. He’s giving me feelings that I never have known! He’s drying my tears and taking my hand. He’s leading me on to the Promised Land!

The storm has now ceased and I feel a great calm. I see a new light, a brand new dawn. The jaws of death have been closed this day, for my Lord and my Savior has come my way!

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