Its Only Time




I hate weeds! They get in the way. They grow in places where I don’t want them to be. They are obnoxious, stubborn, and irresponsible!

Weeds mean work. I have to put on my grubby clothes, worn out shoes, and those uncomfortable work gloves, and then I have to get down on my hands and knees in the dirt. How humiliating!

Every time I pull weeds, my muscles burn. The sweat pours from my face, and my nose runs. My glasses get soaked, and when I go to clean them, I have to rise slowly or the blood rushes to my feet and I feel dizzy in the head. I just can’t seem to win!

it is then that I stop and rest a moment. I look around me, surveying the landscape. I breathe a sigh and start to relax. Rather than seeing weeds, I see the grass. I don’t remember it being this green before. The flowers, they are beautiful, and the trees, so tall and regal.

Remembering the reason I am here, I bend down once again, only now the weeds are easier to pull. The rhythmic motion allows my mind to wander. I think of God, the Creator of all things, and the life that he has given me.

I think of Father Adam and Mother Eve and how they must have felt when they left the Garden of Eden. They had nothing. There was no comfortable home to shelter them, no running water for bathing, and no grocery store where they could buy food.

What would it be like if I didn’t have these things? What am I doing with my own life, anyway? Where am I going, and why do I feel the way I do? I pray for forgiveness, insight, and inspiration.

For a brief moment, time stands still. I see my own destiny and what I can do to bring it to pass, and I feel and know the immense love of Heavenly Father for me.

Before I know it, I am done. The weeds are gone. I feel a sense of peace settle over me.  I know what I need to do and am ready to move forward. When I came out to pull weeds, I thought, its only time. Now, I know better. It is eternity!

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