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A Life Skills Consultant, I help people of all ages choose life by learning the skills necessary to establish and maintain emotional health. Everyone experiences crises and must make difficult decisions.  Choosing life brings us closer to God as well as our own lasting peace and happiness.

I have no contract with any institution. I work solely for my clients, using a personal touch, coupled with a dedicated and focused expertise in the unique needs of individuals and families. I provide the following services:

  • consultation with individuals and families
  • speaking and workshops
  • production and publication of life skills and emotional health resources

For arrangements and estimated cost of services, contact me at denise.w.anderson@gmail.com.

“Ms. Anderson has experienced a number of medical, psychological and social crises over much of her adult life. She has intelligently responded by seeking the help of a number of mental health professionals, e.g., psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and counselors and experienced a wide variety of mental health interventions, e.g., individual psychotherapy, inpatient psychiatric treatment, outpatient day treatment and psychpharmaco therapy. She has responded well to this variety of professionals and modalities and is now interested in sharing with others her struggles and successes in coping with her mental health problems and their impact on her parenting role…. Mrs. Anderson is an intelligent, articulate, insightful, and creative person. I would recommend her to you for your consideration if you are looking for a speaker for your organization.” – Patrick Mills, Ed.D. Clinical Psychologist


I am not a physician, counselor, or therapist. Using a problem solving approach, I teach the life skills necessary for the establishment and maintenance of emotional health. If, at any point during the consultation process, the client shows the need for professional medical or mental health services, a recommendation will be made in writing that such services be obtained. The consultation relationship will be terminated until the client has complied with the recommendation.


Born and raised on a farm in southeastern Idaho, I am third in a family of nine children. I attended Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho (currently Brigham Young University – Idaho), obtaining my Associate in Arts and Science Degree. After marrying and raising seven children, I completed my Bachelor of University Studies Degree at Valley City State University in North Dakota, with an emphasis on “Teaching the Family.” Working full time lead me into the field of special education, and I obtained an Education Specialist Degree in School Psychology from Minot State University. I continued with schooling from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota for my Special Education Credential.


I have more than 30 years of experience helping people understand and improve their emotional health. I know the difference between individuals, families, and organizations that succeed with proper problem solving processes and those that have failed without them. I bring a dedicated, focused expertise to the personal improvement process.


My writings center in the areas of emotional health, family, parenting, and mental health awareness. They can be found in the following venues:

For you personal copy of The Emotional Survival Handbook, e-mail denise.w.anderson@gmail.com.

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