The following reviews are excerpts from letters of recommendation written for Denise W. Anderson:

“Ms. Anderson is well-read, well-organized, and very reliable. When she is called to deal with a student who is at risk or has special needs she moves to the heart of the problem, and can quickly design an evaluation battery or intervention plan with which to deal with the student’s needs.” Casey Coleman, Director of School Psychology Program

“Ms. Anderson willingly shares her expertise and skills with fellow faculty members on insights observed working with students and staff…She is willing to problem solve for the good of the whole.” Danielle Woodward, Special Education Specialist

“I believe it is important to make mention of Ms. Anderson’s reports. They are very thorough and reflect a high degree of professionalism.” Craig DeGree, Ph. D., Clinical Psychologist

“Ms. Anderson is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Her ability to calm angry or frustrated students is unparalleled, and it is because of her excellence in this area that I feel is an asset to our department.” Jackie Maxon-Talley, Special Education Director

“Denise could take a topic and research information related to this topic, organize this information into a very easy to understand and effective presentation and/or talk (speech).” Ed Maisey—Religious Leader in Williston, ND

“Denise has displayed knowledge, experience and enthusiasm as she has pursued teaching the youth and adults. She has taught self-worth, honesty, integrity, and wholesome virtues which will help overcome peer group challenges and contribute to correct choices throughout their lives.” Lamar Wells—Religious Leader in Wahpeton, ND

“Denise spent time preparing for this presentation. I was thrilled with her delivery. The subject matter was clear, her presentation well-organized. I was so impressed, that I requested a written copy of the presentation, which she gave to me in outline form. She has a sound knowledge of the subject-matter.” LeAnn Ulvestad—Women’s Organization President in Wahpeton, ND