Thorns, thistles, crab grass, and oh, yes, creeping Jenny, or morning glory. Let’s see, what other names can I find for it, that weed that winds around the other plants and chokes them to death before it can even be seen!

There it is, sticking its tendrils above the caraganas. They call it the “hedge bindweed.” That’s just what it does! It binds the plants so they can’t grow right. If I follow it down to the roots, maybe I can get rid of it. Oh, no! There is another one, and another! Will I ever get rid of this insidious predator?!

What, it has flowers? You mean something so unsightly and annoying has a redeeming quality? How can it be? The article I read says that I must be vigilant if I want to get rid of this plague. Ok. I will check the hedge each time I water the garden. Let’s see, that will be every other day, all summer long!

If I add that to everything else I am doing, the washing, the cleaning, the visiting, the taking care of the sick and infirm, the supporting of my spouse and children in their endeavors, and last, but certainly not least, my own employment and taking care of myself. The list keeps getting longer and longer!

Oh, Lord, help me! I can’t do this alone! It is too hard! It takes too long! There is too much to do! I am overwhelmed at the very thought of it! I will never be able to have the strength to do all that needs to be done!

Oh, my precious child, you were never meant to do it alone. I am here. I will always be with you! My angels will be round about you to bear you up. They will go before you to prepare the way. They will be by your side watching over you and aiding your every step. They will come after you to soften the blows of your learning processes.

Lean on me. Learn of me. Love me! For I love you! I always have and I always will! You are never alone!

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